Trades Management – HVAC AAS

Highly skilled heating, ventilation, air-conditioning mechanics are always needed. However, acquiring the necessary skills to succeed in this rewarding field requires the right training. An Associate of Applied Science in Trades Management —Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Degree from Vista College will not only give you the technical training you need, it will also provide you with essential business management skills to advance your career.

HVAC Associate DegreeWhat Skills Should a HVAC Associate Degree Program Provide?

Our comprehensive Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Degree program will focus on teaching:

  • Essential HVAC concepts, including brazing, soldering, sheet metal fabrication, electricity, and refrigeration
  • Key business and management skills, such as breakeven analysis, creating and analyzing financial statements, and customer service.

You will benefit from a well-rounded educational experience that will demonstrate to potential employers that you bring more to the table than just solid mechanical skills. Instead, you will be viewed as someone who can be a valuable long-term asset to any company in a number of areas.

What About the Amount of Time It Takes to Earn a HVAC Associate Degree?

Many people believe they just don’t have the time to complete a HVAC Degree program, especially if they have work or family obligations. Fortunately, our program offers flexible scheduling, including the availability of day and evening programs. If obtaining a Trades Management – HVAC Associate Degree in as little time as possible is important to you, you can complete the program in just 80 weeks* as a full-time student.

HVAC Degree ProgramA HVAC Degree Program Should Offer Personalized Instruction

At Vista College, we keep class sizes relatively small so that all our students can benefit from personalized instruction from teachers who possess practical experience in their field. You will also gain the “hands-on” experience you need to be an immediate asset to employers.

Career Assistance

While HVAC may be a rewarding career field, your Degree program should not require you to fend for yourself when entering the job market. With the Vista College HVAC AAS Degree program, you receive the assistance you need to land the perfect job throughout your career.

Our Career Services Department will help you formulate a job search strategy, prepare attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters, and develop job interviewing skills that will make a favorable impression on any potential employer.

Take the First Step to Obtaining a HVAC Associate Degree

By contacting a Vista College Admissions Representative, you are moving one step closer to a rewarding career in the growing HVAC field. Discover more about how a HVAC Associate Degree from Vista College can help you turn your dreams into reality!

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*Successful, full-time enrollment required to achieve 80-week completion date.

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