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The Next Step: The Career Services Department

Our Career Services Department strives to help you succeed!

We are committed to assist students and graduates in job search preparation, assisting in identifying that possible dream job.

Cindy Busch

Southeast Texas ENT

“When I am looking at a resume trying to determine the type of person I am trying to hire. The first thing I look at is their prior education. If I see somebody has attended Vista College I know they are going to be an individual that has gone above and beyond the local person I can hire. And absolutely I would hire that person above another person.” Read More…

Our career services department can assist you with the following:
Resources for college students

  • Customized job search strategy
    Our career service coordinators will work with you to create a personalized job search strategy. Your personalized plan ensures you have a great resume and cover letter, know how to identify job opportunities through multiple job search engines, as well as understand the importance of networking. The goal is to help you succeed!
  • Assistance in writing resumes and cover letters
    Your career services coordinator will provide  you with tips and resources to help you create a professional resume and cover letter, focusing on your individualized skills, experience and talent.
  • Identifying multiple career opportunities
    Your career services coordinator identifies job opportunities through multiple media resources including internet and local searches, as well as through personal contacts with area employers looking for someone like you.
  • Successful Interview Coaching Techniques
    Your career services coordinator can also assist you in honing your interview skills. Through mock interview sessions, you can practice all  aspects of the interview from the first handshake to those tricky interview questions to the follow up thank you letter. This experience will help give you the knowledge and confidence needed to turn that interview into a job offer!

To learn more about how our Career Services Department and how they can assist you in taking the next step toward a successful career, call us at 1(866) 442-4197 or complete the form to the right. An Admissions Representative will answer all your questions.

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