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Financial Aid Las CrucesYou can begin a new career in just a few months by training at our Las Cruces Campus. We offer training in Business, Allied Healthcare, Nursing, Technology and other trades.

What can you expect to get from classes in Las Cruces?

  • A good job outlook
  • Skills that help you get ahead
  • Hands-on training in your area of interest
  • Training from instructors with real-life industry experience

Las Cruces is a great place to start a new career!

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Las Cruces has a rich and colorful history. One of the most renowned figures of late-19th century Americana, the famous outlaw Billy the Kid lived for a time in Mesilla — a town just south of Las Cruces. After killing a sheriff and being sentenced to hang for murder, he escaped, but was shot a few years later by a Dona Ana County sheriff.

Las Cruces is also known for its collections of prehistoric fossils. A very long time ago, the land was covered by water and filled with reptiles and amphibians. Today, many of these coveted fossils are housed in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

As one of our students, you might enjoy visiting towns in the Las Cruces area where miners searched for silver and gold. The only federally funded memorial remembering the Bataan Death March, a forced march of roughly 100,000 American and Japanese war prisoners in 1942 was constructed in Las Cruces in 2001. People also travel to the Organ Mountains, just 10 miles from Las Cruces, to hike, camp and bike. Las Cruces’ abundant natural beauty makes it a favorite in the filmmaking industry as well.

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