About El Paso

El Paso is a thriving and growing city of people and business. There are over 70 companies considered Fortune 500 companies with offices located in El Paso, including such corporations as Eureka and Delphi.

With the expanding Fort Bliss Army Base, there is also a government presence mixed in with flourishing corporate businesses.

Those who study in El Paso are able to find jobs within and around the city because of the economic stability associated with the area.

El Paso exudes a distinctly Mexican culture and a distinctly American culture simultaneously. By being so near the Mexican border, El Paso takes on the best traits of each country and blends them into a place of diversity and unity through food, tradition and entertainment.

There is a lot to do and a lot of history in El Paso and its surrounding areas. Churches and museums relay the cultural past of the area. More recently, numerous movies have been filmed in El Paso, including “Traffic.”

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