Amarillo Campus FAQs

Why is Vista College teaching out its Amarillo campus?

Local business conditions, combined with less than planned for enrollments, forced Vista College to make the teach-out decision.

What is a “teach-out”?

A teach-out is the decision by an institution to cease enrolling new students while continuing to teach the programs of current students.

How is a teach-out different than a school closing?

Institutions conducting teach-outs offer ongoing instruction and program completion to currently active students.

What does the Amarillo campus teach-out say about the strength of Vista College overall?

The action at the Amarillo campus is unrelated to the institution’s other on-ground and one online campuses.  Vista College is strong financially and continues to offer quality, career-focused postsecondary education in locations across Texas as well as New Mexico and Arkansas.  The company intends to continue to open additional campuses in other markets.

Other career colleges across the country have closed.  Is this teach-out at the Vista College Amarillo campus indicative of the problems facing the career college sector?

No. First, Vista College remains a strong institution, fully in compliance with state regulations and accreditor quality and accountability mandates.  Second, notwithstanding the problems at a small number of other for-profit institutions, career education continues to make an important contribution to workforce readiness with the kind of complete, concise and hands-on instruction unavailable in other modes of postsecondary education.

Who accredits Vista College?

Vista College is nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE).  Vista College recently achieved reaccreditation by COE.

Will students lose the opportunity to complete their programs?

No. Current students in good academic standing will be able to complete their programs at the Vista College Amarillo campus.  There will be no change to the quality or quantity of educational instruction or student services they receive.

What other options are available to current students?

Each Vista College Amarillo campus student will receive individual academic advising about moving forward with his/her program.

What will happen to Vista College staff members at the Amarillo campus?

Vista College management will meet with each staff member to discuss their future with the institution.  Many staff members will continue to work during the campus teach-out over the next 12 months. Some staff members will be offered other positions within the company.  Amarillo campus employees not retained during the teach-out period or offered new assignments with Vista College may be eligible to receive transition assistance.

Can Amarillo campus students continue their studies at other Vista College campuses?

Students may potentially continue their studies at other Vista College ground campuses or online campus, based on the availability of their specific academic programs.

What programs were taught at the Vista College Amarillo campus?

The Vista College Amarillo campus has offered an associate’s degree in business management as well as diploma programs in business administration, HVAC, medical assisting and vocational nursing.

When are these programs scheduled to conclude?

Currently active students who continue with their programs will complete prior to January 2018.

Can Vista College students transfer their credits to other institutions?

When enrolling, every student is informed that transfer credit decisions are made by the receiving institution.  Vista College will provide students with up-to-date transcripts to aid their possible transfer of credits to other institutions.

Does the teach-out affect the ability of current Vista College Amarillo students to use their federal financial student aid or veterans’ benefits to pay for Vista College education?

Students in good standing should experience no interruption of the receipt of their student aid benefits.

 Is the Vista College teach-out being done for compliance, legal, or other regulatory reasons?

No.  Vista College just finished a successful reaccreditation with COE and operates in good standing with the U.S. Department of Education and all other regulators.

Who should non-Vista Amarillo campus employees or students call if they have questions?

Their Vista College Campus Director.

Who should those outside of Vista College contact with questions?

Vista College spokesperson Bob Cohen at



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