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We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about the importance of obtaining a college degree. You’ve probably heard that it will help you obtain a job in your desired field, that it will teach you valuable skills, and that the experience will make you wiser and more experienced. But did you know that having a college education is directly linked to being less likely to be unemployed? Or were you aware that the average yearly income of someone with a bachelor’s degree is approximately $20,000 higher than someone with a high school diploma?

When the latest United States recession began in 2007, the average unemployment rate in the country went as high as 10%. However, over the course of the recession, college graduates were able to better maintain their job status, or find new employment. In fact, as of today, graduates are the only group of people with more employed today than when the recession began. The unemployment rate of those without a diploma of any kind is over 12%, while those with at least an Associate’s Degree is at 6% or below, on average.

Additionally, those who have a college degree make more money per year than those who don’t. Studies show that high school graduates make an average of about $35,000 per year. Meanwhile, those who hold an Associate’s Degree make around $40,000, and those with a Bachelor’s Degree make $55,000 (or more).

With the rise in online education, and graduation rates in Texas high schools at an all-time high of 78%, more and more students are finding that they have the opportunity to pursue a degree. As our infographic shows, obtaining at least a two year Associate’s Degree can lower the risk of unemployment, increase your average yearly income, and ultimately give you the chance at a brighter future. This is why pursuing a college degree is so important: it can impact your quality of life!

Whether you choose to attend classes on-campus at a local university, pursue a degree online, or hybrid classes, it’s important to know how much of a difference your college education can make in your life. Planning to go to college can change your life in a big way, and that’s why you’re likely to hear so much about how crucial it is to further your learning.

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