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As far back as we can trace educational models, it has been a constantly evolving model. There are always going to be new developments in the way in which students best learn and new needs in the world that education should be preparing students to meet. No matter how you slice it, higher education is going to change. At Vista College, we’re always looking toward the future to see how we can best serve our students and how we can adapt our educational model to keep pace with the forefront of educational technology.

While there are a variety of different higher education models already in place in the US, there will be a distinct shift toward models that are more digitally oriented, with an attention on practical job training, and a comprehensive and cohesive learning framework. Let’s take a look at these five ways:

1) Goodbye Print
This one stretches beyond merely higher education, but it’s worth noting that in general, the world is shifting past our reliance on printed materials. In the interest of environmental preservation and cost effective education, printed textbooks, pamphlets, novels and other written materials are slowly being phased out in favor of digital materials that can be used time and time again for different purposes and roles.

2) MOOCs are the Future
While the classroom model is one that has worked for centuries, many modern college students don’t have the time or resources for that model. Fortunately, online learning is growing increasingly popular and better equipped to provide the same educational experience as a traditional classroom setting.

With video technology service, virtual classrooms, and long distance education options, it’s becoming easier than ever for students to participate in higher education without having to commit to time and resource intensive residential models of learning.

3) More Practical Job Training
As the way in which we teach changes, so does the content of what we teach. Moving forward, there is going to be a greater emphasis on practical job training in higher education in the US. While some other countries already focus on directly preparing their students for their future jobs with occupational training and practical skill building, many American schools still focus on more general concepts.

While these are beneficial for some subjects and students, many students would benefit from more technical knowledge that they can directly apply to their careers following the completion of their education and the attainment of their diploma. Schools are gradually shifting toward that to accommodate such students.

4) Multidisciplinary Focus
As educational programs begin to focus on practical knowledge, they also begin to blend the traditional disciplines which segregated different courses of study. In the past, students of medicine might not have be exposed to communications courses. In contrast, today’s students are getting a more cross-disciplinary experience which provides them with a more practical and effective preparation for their future.

By taking a more well-rounded approach to higher education, educators are giving students all of the skills they need to achieve success in their careers, rather than only a narrow set of skills that fall into a single discipline.

5) Greater Attention to Technology
Like many areas of society, technology is quickly becoming the single most important driving force in changing the way we go about higher education. Technology is enabling students to participate in long distance education and part time commuting programs like never before. Thanks to better communications, these students are getting the same quality their peers receive from traditional learning models. Now that’s exciting.

Looking forward at Vista College, we plan to continue striving for the best for our students by providing the best in education. Get in touch with a Vista College admissions rep today for more information!

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