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15 Products That Are Perfect for College Students

It may be hard to believe, but another Christmas season is almost upon us. For college students, Christmastime offers a brief but welcome break from the constant stress of going to classes, studying, and taking exams. It’s also a great time to reconnect with family members and friends.

If you’re a parent or friend of a college student, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give your scholar a gift that can add value to his or her life. There’s a variety of unique products on the market that are ideal for students from a practical and/or lighthearted perspective:

1. Unusual alarm clocks — What college student wouldn’t look forward to the aroma of sizzling bacon in the morning? And wouldn’t it be great to smash that blaring alarming clock that causes such an obnoxious awakening? There are plenty of unique, fun alarm clocks that can make it a bit easier to face another day of classes.

2. Noise-canceling headphones — There’s nothing like a blaring stereo to ruin a student’s night of cramming for that big exam. Noise-canceling headphones give students greater control over their studying environment.

3. MiFi — You’re probably familiar with WiFi, but what about MiFi? A MiFi is a small device that can improve a wireless Internet connection in libraries and other study areas where connectivity is spotty at best.

4. E-reader — A Kindle or other e-reader can reduce the need for students to lug all big, heavy, largely unread textbooks from one location to the next.

5. Brain-controlled helicopter — As if college students don’t use enough brain cells already, there’s actually a toy helicopter that operates via brain wave transmission. This could be a welcome break from studying!

6. iPhone helicopter — If brain waves or cells are in short supply, there’s also a mini helicopter that can be operated remotely with an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, failure to keep a mobile device properly charged could result in an unexpected crash landing.

7. Jellyfish lamps — Great lighting can improve a studious environment. Jellyfish lamps look like real jellyfish, except the “tentacles” have suction cups at the end. These one-of-a-kind lights can be placed just about anywhere.

8. Self-pitching popup tent — Ideal for camping out for tickets for a big football game or concert, this two-person tent can be pitched simply by tossing it into the air.

9. Coke can storage safe — Finding places to hide money and small valuables can be a challenge for some students. This storage container looks just like a real Coke can. The only drawback is that somebody might try to take a drink.

10. Microwave heated slippers — Let’s face it: the living conditions in many apartments are less than ideal. Heat sources are not always reliable. By tossing these specially-designed slippers into the microwave for a few seconds, chilly students won’t have to worry about frostbite.

11. USB wristband — Few things are easier to lose for a college student than a USB flash drive. This handy product fits securely around a wrist or ankle. It is designed for snug storage of trusted USB devices. We can only hope that students can remember where they put it after taking it off!

12. Color-changing cushion — A color-changing cushion is a great way to brighten up your student’s room. Just by tapping on the cushion, the student will experience a dazzling light show that’s absolutely mesmerizing. The only disadvantage is that students may become so engrossed in watching the lights that they forget to study — as if they really need one more excuse!

13. Nintendo wall decals — These stick-on wall decorations offer a more colorful alternative to posters of rock bands or thrift store paintings of dogs playing poker. They’re also great for covering up stains that could appear in your student’s room.

14. Energy mints — Energy mints offer a convenient alternative to energy drinks. They also eliminate the need to guzzle a cup of coffee to avoid falling asleep during an 8 a.m. class. They’ll even provide a few extra vitamins and freshen up that socially unacceptable “morning breath.”

15. Solar sun jar — This ordinary-looking jar collects and stores sunlight during the day and provides brilliant light after dark. It’s a great way to help lower the energy bill in an apartment.

CC Photo by Cody Reid

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