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Congratulations on making the decision to attend Vista College in Lubbock, TX!

In addition to advancing your education, Lubbock is an interesting city full of great attractions.  If you’re new to the area, here are 10 things you have to check out:

  1. The Buddy Holly Center: With writing credits including “That’ll Be the Day” and “Not Fade Away,” Buddy Holly was one of America’s most influential songwriters. It’s hard to believe that Holly died at the young age of 22 and left such a profound impact on American music. Head on over to The Buddy Holly Center and learn about the life and times of Charles Holley.buddy-holly
  2. Fisher Jam Hole: Head on down to the hole and catch some authentic Lubbock tunes!
  3. Prairie Dog Town: Prairie dogs are surprisingly fascinating animals. If you’re in Lubbock, check out a colony of prairie dogs. You won’t regret it.
  4. Cactus Theater: Whether you want to check out some music or performing arts, visit the Cactus Theater. It dates back to the 1930s.
  5. Joyland Amusement Park: Who doesn’t like to have fun? Joyland promises a great time for the whole family. With lots of rides and attractions, you’ll have a blast at this affordable amusement park.joyland-entrance
  6. Lubbock Cemetery: No matter where they are, cemeteries are interesting places. You should check out the cemetery in Lubbock. You can even see Buddy Holly’s gravesite.
  7. Lake Alan Henry: With 50 campsites scattered across the park – and minimal modern amenities – Lake Alan Henry is the perfect place to soak in the beautiful Texan climate and escape from the 21st century.
  8. Lubbock Lake Landmark: Get in touch with nature here. With trails, a museum, and nature-focused programs, there’s something for the whole family.
  9. American Museum of Agriculture: Farming played an integral role in the history of the United States. Be sure to learn about the history of agriculture in Texas and the rest of the country by stopping by this interesting museum.
  10. Buffalo Springs Lake: An oasis in Lubbock, make sure to head over to Buffalo Springs Lake to soak in the sun and take a dip. You won’t regret it!

Lubbock is an exciting city full of history, nature, and family fun. It’s sure to offer something for all ages and interests!

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