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The Top 10 Products and Services for Effective Online Studying

You already know the tips that help you get better grades in the classroom, but what about online? Replacing face-to-face interactions with your professor with the blue light of your computer screen means you need to adjust your approach. From a powerful and fast laptop to a free app that can help keep you organized, it’s time to take learning into the 21st century with these top products and services:

1. Google Nexus: An Affordable Tablet

Apple might have all the market share, but Google’s Nexus has all the value. Priced hundreds of dollars less than the iPad, the Nexus integrates smoothly with Android and offers powerful wireless capability. With a battery that lasts up to 9 hours, it’s easy to love this lightweight tablet. Plus, since Chrome is already loaded, accessing Google Docs is as easy as turning on your tablet. Collaboration made easy: that’s Nexus.

2. A Portable Power Source

Even if you don’t love technology, you rely on it everyday. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry about running out of power when you don’t have access to a plug, a USB cord or your power cable? With a portable power source, charging up is as easy as opening your backpack. From the smallest portable power chargers to the biggest rechargeable backpacks, you’ll always stay plugged in.


3. iHomework

You love your Apple technology, and it can even help you stay organized when you’re doing homework. Try iHomework, the organization app that helps you remember important tasks, log homework assignments, record class information, schedule important events such as tests, and more. The app is only available on Apple devices.

4. Tile

Is there a worse feeling than losing your laptop, your tablet, your phone, your keys, or your backpack? Try attaching Tile — a small white chip — on anything you must have access to at all times. Misplace your tablet and can’t remember if you left it at the coffee shop or at the library? No problem. Activate the app to learn its location and you’ll have it back in no time.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Headphones aren’t just a great way to block out distractions as you’re studying. You’ll want high quality headphones for everything from language lessons to replaying the recording you made in class earlier that day. You can also use it in places such as your late-night study area to block out distractions. Beats by Dr. Dre are having a moment, but try the Bose noise canceling headphones instead. They provide high quality sound and superior noise reduction.

6. E-Portfolio

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one easy-to-access online portal where potential employers could see all the cool things you have accomplished over the past few years? With an e-portfolio, you can upload everything from blog posts and electronic files to multimedia and images. E-portfolios also make it easy to communicate with your instructor if your portfolio is a work in progress.

7. Smartpen and Livescribe

Welcome to the Smartpen, where handwritten notes and your instructor’s discussion blend into one ultra-powerful learning session. Although tablets and laptops are popular, using a pen and paper is still the most common way to take notes. With a Smartpen and Livescribe paper, you can digitally record in real time. The Livescribe Smartpen has won numerous awards, too.

8. Khan Academy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get tutoring on differential equations when you need it? With Khan Academy, you can. This innovative tutoring program offers a diverse range of online programming across nearly every subject. From linear algebra to arts of the Islamic world, you’ll love Khan Academy.

9. Online Flashcards

Instead of making endless trips to the bookstore for paper that winds up in the trash, go to and use online flashcards instead. You can even use flashcards other students have developed — although, any flashcard aficionado will tell you that the simple act of making flashcards is an effective study tool on its own.

10. LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn account and start connecting with people who can help you land a potential job in your field. This is a great social network for professional development.

Do you like the sound of some of these online study tools? Put them to work today and see how they impact your classes and grades.

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