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It’s no secret that job interviews can be daunting. So when you schedule your first job interview, it’s important to adequately prepare and put yourself in a position to succeed.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, a paralegal, a business administrator, or anything else, it’s important to leave a strong impression following your first interview. After all, most companies have a comprehensive interview processes that requires you to come back at least once following your initial one.

Before you leave for your first interview, be sure to consider the following tips. You might just increase your chances for getting called back for a second interview.

  1. Be prepared. Prior to applying for jobs, make sure your resume is polished. Thoroughly research the company and your desired job. You want to have answers to any questions a recruiter might ask you. It’s in your best interest to avoid any awkward pauses or silences. If you’re adequately prepared, those pauses are less likely to occur.
  2. Know why you want the job. No one wants to hire someone looking for any old job. Make sure you actually want the job you’re applying for. It’s crucial that you have a well-reasoned response to a recruiter asking you why you want the job.
  3. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. We can all speak to our own strengths. But not everyone can speak to their weaknesses. Make sure you have an answer ready if someone asks you about your weaknesses, and remember that your weaknesses can be strengths. For example, you might feel like you’re too much of a perfectionist, wanting to only turn in work of the highest quality. In a group setting, you take control and sometimes wish you could take a back seat in those situations.
  4. Ask questions. You’re applying for a new job. If you don’t have questions about your new prospective employer, there’s something missing. Come up with at least a handful of questions and be prepared to ask them. The more inquisitive you are, the more interested the recruiter is likely to be.


Interviews don’t have to be nerve-wracking if you’re thoroughly prepared and excited about the position. Good luck!


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