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5 Most Sought After Jobs in Killeen

The economy in Killeen is intertwined with the military operations at nearby Fort Hood. The soldiers and their families are a large part of the community — Fort Hood is the area’s major employer. Working with and among American heroes can be extremely rewarding, as their sacrifice inspires us to reach our full potential.

The large armed forces presence in Killeen means many job seekers will be veterans or dependents. Many of the jobs in the area reflect this. Here are the 5 most sought-after jobs in Killeen:

1. Make Technology Work for People as a Software Engineer

If you’re technologically-inclined, there’s nowhere better to work in today’s economy than as a software engineer. Among jobs where the majority of workers have college degrees, software engineering is in the top ten most popular occupations in Killeen. This strong and growing sector of the economy allows for a variety of opportunities. These include front-end software development, database management, and mobile app engineering.

Software engineers in Killeen make between $55,810 and $107,280, making them some of the highest paid workers in the area. With a cost of living index well below the national average, that income can provide an even higher standard of living.

Software engineering is also portable, since it’s a career that is in demand across the country. This makes it ideal for military dependents who are facing frequent or upcoming relocation. It will be relatively easy to find work in their new location and it doesn’t take too long to establish a productive career with a new company.

2. Make the World Beautiful as a Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is a career in which you could get paid to do what you love. Feeling beautiful and confident is an important part of someone’s day. As a professional makeup artist and stylist, you can help people feel good. The creativity and skill you wield will keep you feeling fresh as you pursue your passion.

The Cosmetology program at the Killeen campus of Vista College will help you fulfill your goals. The program helps prepare you for the Texas Cosmetology Exam and to get your certificate of proficiency. This is a great start for people who want to work in a salon, or open one of their own. You could own your own business and combine that with something you love.

3. Help a Medical Office Run Smoothly

As a Medical Insurance Billing and Coding (MIBC) professional, your role is to make the lives of doctors and nurses easier. You organize, analyze, and technically evaluate medical insurance forms, making sure procedures are coded properly for accurate billing. You can work in a wide variety of environments, from hospitals and urgent care centers to clinics and insurance companies.

Since health care is a large and growing part of the economy, MIBC specialists are often in demand. This is particularly important for dependents of active duty soldiers who may need to design their career around frequent relocation. Working in an in-demand field ensures you’ll have an easier time finding a job in your new city.

The Medical Insurance Billing and Coding AAS from Vista College will give you the training you need to search for employment in this exciting field.

4. Cool Off With HVAC

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals have the benefit of working in a market with a shortage of skilled and qualified workers. Certified and trained HVAC service professionals are in demand. After all, every home or commercial space needs a heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning system to make their space efficient and comfortable.

As a competent and well-trained service professional, you can help people keep their energy costs down while helping the environment. Many of the efficiency problems in home and commercial space heating and cooling are the result of improper installation and maintenance of duct work. As an HVAC professional, you’ll have the opportunity to make these systems more efficient. You can give your customers better, cheaper services and save fossil fuels in the process.

Get industry-leading training in HVAC at Vista College in our HVAC program.

5. Prepare the Next Generation as a Teacher

Teaching in elementary, secondary, and middle school are the second, third, and fourth most popular occupations in Killeen among fields where the majority of workers have a college degree. Teachers have the opportunity to shape the future. They give our children the strength and skills they need to succeed in the global economy.

Teaching keeps the mind sharp and active while contributing to your community. Teachers can take pride in knowing their work helps families who may be their neighbors and friends.

The most sought-after jobs in Killeen all contribute to the community while providing you with a stable income. With some training and a little preparation, your ideal career is out there! Vista College can help you get started.

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